After all he is the next Messiah!

Its awful, and I'm not going to fix it.

Nwarsopodia (9:20:03 PM): haha did you have to find such a "hot" picture of stifler?

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Approved by grungettarocks herself!

While she was watching the movie:
MTTGrungetta (9:13:48 PM): deep throat 2: the bitch is back
MTTGrungetta (9:13:53 PM): that shall be my autobiography
MTTGrungetta (9:34:11 PM): if you post a disclaimer that its a southland tales icon, you can use it...i really dont care
Nwarsopodia (9:34:17 PM): okay
MTTGrungetta (9:34:23 PM): i just dont want those not paying attention to think that i go around deepthroating


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grungettarocks: "you officially have to send me a copy of southland tales. i can't stand not knowing whats going on."

15 minutes later, she was on the road to kwasek's house to pick up my DVD. Chances are, she'll be joining this community within the weekend and seeing this post. Awesome!
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Zepplins are ALWAYS Bad News

I just wanted to point out...

That Zepplins are ALWAYS bad news.

Also, I have 17 Southland Tales icons, including the one I snagged from Nate.  I don't know how, but you boys have some catching up to do.  

Edit: Nate, if you get a paid account I'll buy you 100 extra icon spots for a year.  I just did for Hsien so that you two can have all of the Southland Tales Icon Awesomeness you can stand.  Paid accounts are between 20 (if you set up a recurring payment) or 25 a year if you choose to pay each year manually.  Or less money for less time.